13 December 2012

Kusom: Economic Empowerment & Upliftment of Women

Picture 1: From left, Kiku (in blue) clarifying some information translated by Pritee, to the left of Kiku, provided by Kusom (lady in black headdress with red spots)

Returned to Bandhwari Village again yesterday and took the opportunity to get to know the women better by interviewing Kusom, one of the Master Trainers of hand-crafts under ACT's Women Livelihood Progam, a program where ACT trains women to create beautiful pieces of work for sale. The main interviewer was Kiku, from Japan, who is doing a case study on the women of Bandhwari Village.

In doing so, we hope to show how the lives of these women has changed -- from the economic(e.g. higher income) to the social aspect (e.g. a greater say in the decisions of the family) and how it has impacted their loved-ones. Watch out for our case study under "ACT Projects"!

We will be doing other case studies on other demographic groups as well! Look out for updates!

We have also embarked on an assignment to map out the facilities, such as wells and roads, of the village. We will post the map soon!

Picture 2: Interns, Florence and Ivan, taking photos of places to help with mapping, with Pritee, our tireless interpreter and friend, in the middle

Picture 3: Asking Sonia, a village community teacher, about some facilities of the place. From left, Pritee, Sonia, Kiku and Ivan

- Ivan, Kiku & Florence