13 December 2012

Bandhwari Village: First Impression by Ivan

"A few miles from Delhi it’s located a wonderful village name Bandhwari, a relaxing, small place, as most of the villages with a slower pace. It’s happening something wonderful, some women and their families, are changing their owns life with the help of a young NGO called ACT, this people has recovered their hopes and settled up new goals for a coming future, where no NGO will be supporting them, just them facing their very own destiny.

It’s surprising the difference between Delhi city and Bandhwari village,that is located few miles away from Delhi, but life conditions for their people its way different.

Act might be seen as an eye-opener for these women, who are producing some handcrafts products and incrementing incomes for their families, and gaining exposure, that eventually will broadness their minds and improve their way of living.

I personally believe that ACT work if conducted properly and women keep their perseverance on their working, it will be a general improvement for the village, and will change many people’s life nevertheless; it’s needed the commitment of all the people that works at the project to achieve their goals.

-Ivan "