About ACT

Action Center for Transformation (ACT) is a non-government; non-profit registered organization. The organization is located in Gurgaon. ACT was conceptualized by social development professionals in the year 2010. The thought behind the building an institution was to deliver well thought of and strategized action for so called underprivileged and the deprived section. The idea or the dream behind forming the institution was to bring a positive change by innovative ideas and by taking a well thought out initiatives by the community.

ACT began to function from September, 2010 by going through a continuous brainstorming process, visit to the rural communities, continuous dialogue with our village friends and researching on the development issues. This initiative is taken to act together with lots of creativity and newness, fight the challenges and prepare leaders out of the community. There is no assured support to ACT but the ambition, conviction and the passion to do bring a positive change in the existing scenario is tremendous.

E mail – actfordevelopmet@gmail.com
Website – http://actfortransform.org/
Date of Registration – 26th September, 2010
Commencement of Work –  1st September , 2010


Presently ACT is functioning in the state of Haryana. ACT envisages expanding its functioning to other districts of Haryana and in other states across India.

Present Research and Operations Site

Semi Urban Site
Ghata Slum in Sector 56 in Gurgaon, Haryana

Rural sites
Village  Bandhwari, Sohna Block ,District – Gurgaon
Village Mangar, Surajkhund Block, District – Faridabad

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