16 July 2017

Chain of Women Upcyclers

Chain of Women Upcyclers

What is the significance of a human chain? 

It is like an interconnected body with a common purpose.

You might have experienced being in one or might have heard about events where hundreds or even thousands of people came together to provide strength, protection or support for a united cause.

ACT envisions a chain of empowered rural women who are connected to each other and support each other socially, economically and environmentally. Building a sustainable strong chain of women change makers will help develop an environment conscious society. The proverb goes “If you educate a man you educate an individual but when you educate a woman you educate a community because the woman in her multiple roles ensures that the value of her education is spread and implemented around her world.
Hence building an empowered women chain is an upward graph in the development of our country.
Chain of Women Upcyclers
What does ACT achieve by creating this chain of rural women? Why are they called upcyclers? 

The purpose is dual. ACT empowers rural women to generate their own livelihood and save our environment at the same time.
ACT trains the rural women to handcraft eco friendly utility products out of newspaper waste and also ensures that these products reach the customers, delights them and inspire them to come back for more. ACT has pioneered a sustainable model of women upcyclers and is open to replicate it across all villages of India because it has been tried and tested with 6 or more villages of northern India.
In the words of a leader from an organization that supports ACT in expanding this,
"The work done by ACT is a delightful model where design, innovation and livelihood converge with a strong element of sustainability. Having known ACT and Nilanjana for some time now, I think this model needs replication and up scaling. We at Swechha and Green the Gap wish her all the best for her future endeavors"

The chain of rural upcyclers through their work brings upon progress in their personal lives and transforms India to an eco conscious society. 
In the words of a rural upcycler Najma, 30 years old, mother of three, with ACT since August 2015
"Each product that we make is a labor of love. It takes considerable time and effort to transform used newspaper into beautiful items people would be interested in buying. I use my income for my children's education and other expenses. My daughters will have a different future. I will educate them; I will make sure they get vocational training, and I will see to it that they go out and work and get the exposure that I did not get.”

Glimpse of ACT Products

ACT implements the sustainability of this human chain by marketing its products proactively. Citizens who are wholeheartedly using these products are instrumental in enhancing the lives of the villagers and reducing the carbon footprint.

In the words of a satisfied customer,
"I was visiting my relatives for a wedding ceremony and wanted to carry some gifts for them. After searching through many malls and shops I could not really find something which was exclusive, personal and yet trendy. That’s when ACT products came to my rescue. The promptness and professionalism of the organization took me completely by surprise. And the packaging totally blew my mind. Honestly I had not expected this from an NGO. This beats any professional packaging. As a marketer, I know the importance of packaging-- it is the first element to interact with the customer and make an impression. Brilliant work!
After this first experience with ACT products, they have become my preferred gifting partner. They help you select, offer advice on what will go well with the occasion and of course the products always reach on time.”

Master Trainers
A group of master trainers has emerged from this very chain of upcyclers, who ensure that more and more villages embrace this dual concept of generating livelihood in an environmental friendly manner.

In the words of a trainer, Kusum,
"Waste is valuable It is changing my life and also others. ACT has taught us to be innovative, think new and be a problem solver. I can give a design thought to a waste and develop a product. We are creating art objects that impacts environment and livelihood.

Delhi State Cancer Institute
This chain of rural upcyclers aims to spread smiles and happiness to hundreds of villagers and their family. The latest addition to this chain is the Delhi State Cancer Institute.

Dr. R.K.Grover, MD and Director of the hospital have supported initiative to train and provide skill to the families of the patients getting a treatment in this hospital. The training and the interaction with the families creates an environment to think c
reatively to solve their problems and also help them look forward towards life.

A social entrepreneur Navneet Kaur has facilitated this project to enable ACT to develop skills and support in forward linkage for a regular income of these cancer affected families.

There are numerous such events in which our women upcyclers are constantly engaged in enhancing the chain thus marching ahead to fulfill ACT’s vision.

Come join us in our vision. Empower yourself by becoming a change agent, use our products and spread the word. See paperwings.in for more.