25 May 2017


You are one of the most important influencer for the success of ACT. You are a powerful instrument to facilitate ACT attain its goals.Yes its YOU !

ACT is grateful for your continuous support and look forward to your active participation in taking “Paper Wings” to its eternal flight to all households of the world thus enabling the financial and emotional emancipation of hundreds of rural women of India.

 “You” is a very broad term but ACT defines all our patrons, well wishers, advisors, volunteers, government personnel, and donors as “You.” It all started with two but now it is unfair to restrict “You” with a fixed number. It is growing by the day.

What can you do to receive ACT’s endless showers of gratitude?

As a patron, if you plan to:

  • Buy or replace a household item, do look at ACT catalogue or send an email to ACT to find an eco-friendly substitute.
  • Organize a birthday party; do think of having ACT products as return gifts.
  • Attend a house warming party, design an ACT gift hamper. The new house owners will be thankful.
  • Organize stationery for a conference, a team meeting or an outing, explore ACTs catalogue.
  • Celebrate a festival with your family in an eco-friendly and socially responsible way, ACT will delight you with festive products for Diwali, Rakshbandhan, Holi, or Christmas.
  • Set up a green space in your house, ACT’s planters will server all your purposes.
  • Engage children meaningfully during school breaks, talk to ACT for workshops and events on up-cycling and environmental awareness.

Click this link to view more products :

And last but not the least, if you are happy with ACT products; do spread the word among your friends, colleagues and other family members and write us your testimony. We are happy to publish it on our web site.

As a well wisher or a donor:

  • Give away your old newspapers to the women groups
  • Contribute a small sum for the various programs and projects aimed for the skill development of the rural women.
  • Use ACT’s up-cycled products. Introduce the products to your friends & family and encourage them to share the same in their respective circles.
  • Share your feedback, inputs and ideas with ACT, about making the products more usable and popular.  
As government personnel:

  • Provide a patient ear to ACT’s journey and work model.
  • Accept our proposals for replicating the model to many more districts and villages.
  • Provide support to engage more rural women for skill development training programs.

 As an advisor:

  • Join our advisory board to contribute in strategizing ACT’s growth path.
  • Help us network with relevant groups and social entrepreneurial platforms.

As a volunteer:

  • Engage with ACT’s activities whether on field or at the office center.  
  • Design a new up-cycled product for ACT.
  • Provide a handholding session to women groups.
  • Participate in activities aimed to create an eco-conscious society and advocate ACT’s products at such events.
  • Help ACT to reach out to the world through social media

ACT needs each one of yours participation in the smallest way possible. We value your time and contribution with honors. Together we can make an impact 

                                       B E    A    C H A N G E M A K E R

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